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There are times in a couple's journey when the relationship desperately needs a lot of attention - and weekly therapy sessions may not be enough. For those who wish to jump start their healing process, there is hope.
Renewal & Reconnection Intensive

- Relearn how to communicate

- Discover a new vision for your lives together

- Set aside old patterns of interaction 

- Discover better ways to connect emotionally

- Find new energy for your sex lives

Affair Recovery Intensive

- Stabilize the crisis so both people feel safe

- Enter into a structured disclosure process

- Explore how you got to where you are

- Feel the pain without being overwhelmed or shutting off

- Take responsibility for past actions

- Establish a plan for rebuilding trust

- Set the pathway to forgiveness and reconciliation

For spouses who have been betrayed:

How to wrap your head around what happened

Why it's not your fault

How your mate can finally 'get' what you're going through

How to manage triggers and intrusive thoughts

Why it's important to address the infidelity directly

What to do with anger and difficult emotions

The most significant barriers to healing

What's needed to build safety and trust

The many layers of forgiveness and why it takes time

How to talk with your mate to develop a healthy relationship

How and when to restore intimacy after infidelity

How to live with a new sense of peace and hope

For spouses who have been unfaithful:

Why we don't shame or pummel you

How to develop deep empathy for your spouse

How to authentically communicate sincere remorse

Ways to let go of your shame and redefine your identity

How to help your mate heal and feel more secure

Why full disclosure is the best road to take, not the worst

How to set boundaries that help restore trust

How to make a Travel Plan when traveling that helps create accountability and safety

How to develop a closer connection with your mate

How to prevent relapse

How to be closer and more transparent with one another than ever before

Discernment Intensive

(for couples on the brink of divorce)

- Both parties share their level of commitment

- Fears and hopes are explored in individual sessions

- Understand how we got here and what would need to change

- Consider pathways to recovery or separation

Blended Family Therapy Intensive

(for a couple bringing two families together)

- Setting realistic expectations and positive attitudes

- Creating a new parenting plan

- Establishing healthy communication practices

- Creating space to express feelings

- Time management, prioritizing one-on-one time

- Understand the "ghosts" from your past relationships

- How to set new priorities for the merged family unit

- Parenting Style workshop: Boundary setting and discipline that makes sense

Family Therapy Intensive

(for a couple who want to expand therapy to the family)

- Explore  how your family functions and how it gets off track

- Understand goals and expectations within the family
- Shift the focus from the member(s) who has/have been identified as ill and focus more on the family system as a whole
- Help identify conflicts and anxieties and help develop strategies to resolve them
- Re-establish healthy communication within the family
- Build a clear path forward to reconnection and trust building


- Pre-therapy intake phone call

- Private in-person couple therapy over a weekend

- Consult calls with your individual therapists

- Customized therapy plan for the weekend (co-developed with you in our first face-to-face meeting)

- Access to customized couples therapy tools and exercises

- Crisis support (if needed) via phone, text and email during the retreat weekend 

- A detailed relationship maintenance plan to sustain your progress after the weekend


Varies - based on scope of the intensive


The retreat is designed with plenty of time between sessions for rest and reconnection. Nobody benefits from a marathon counseling sessions. There will be enough unstructured time to let the counseling experience sink in and give you a chance every day to experience each other in a new healthier way.

A sample schedule:

Friday         6:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday    11:00am to 2:30pm

Sunday      11:00am to 2:30pm


After our intake phone call, you will have the opportunity to complete several forms that will inform and assist our work together. The prep time will vary depending on the type of retreat but you should expect several hours of advance work.


The therapy takes place in my office at 3880 South Bascom Ave, San Jose 95124.


I encourage you to consider combining therapy with play by spending the weekend in beautiful Los Gatos. That way you can relax and heal your relationship at the same time. When you're not in therapy, you're off for R&R, self-care and time to connect in a non-structured way. There are excellent options for a hotel, dining, yoga, hiking, biking and other relaxing activities. I will help you find the balance between deep work and restorative activities.

If you live in Bay Area and wish to stay at your home, which is an excellent option.


If a private therapy retreat seems like a good fit for you, please send me an email at and we'll begin the conversation.

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