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Complete Divorce Recovery Handbook
Book: Taking Space
Book:  Mom's House, Dad's House


Divorce is one of the most stressful and painful life events that a person will ever experience. Even when accompanied by good reasons or positive feelings, it is still the death of a dream and the end of one’s hope for the relationship. Whether the ending is sudden or anticipated, the wound can be deep. Divorce counseling can help individuals cope and move past a divorce.



The grief that arises is often overwhelming. Sometimes accompanied by anger or other feelings, grief can be expressed in various areas of life. A person might experience loneliness, anxiety, or fear. Individuals typically also feel physiological effects of divorce, such as significant muscle tension and an increased likelihood of physical illness.


Once a person is no longer part of a couple, fears about finances, relationships, and even questions about identity can surface. Those going through a separation commonly experience disturbances in sleeping, eating, and the ability to focus.




I offer divorce recovery counseling that will chart a path to divorce recovery and help you to:


  • Understand the breakdown in your marriage

  • Establish a productive and civil relationship with your Ex

  • Vent your feelings in a safe and healing environment

  • Shift your negative beliefs and perceptions about your divorce

  • Re-structure and rebuild your new life

  • Manage your outer world while you deal with your inner world

  • Learn and grow from your experience of divorce

  • Divorce with integrity

  • Find the best ways to support your children

  • Be an effective single parent

  • Let go of the past and create a better future



The divorce recovery process will enable you to move from simply coping and surviving to leading a life in which you feel empowered, fulfilled, and independent, and are involved in relationships that are enriching and loving. I often work in conjunction with group-based Divorce Recovery programs.


An important role that I play as your individual therapist is to help you get “unstuck” so that you can realize your potential. My approach recognizes that an individual who is going through a divorce experiences sadness, self-blame, anxiety, shame, guilt, rage, and a variety of other painful emotions that at times may feel overwhelming.


The goal is not to help you simply suppress or distract yourself from your pain, but to help you work through these feelings so that you can feel free, whole, and in control of your life. 

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