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Harry Motro

Dr. Harry Motro

Executive Coaching

Business success is a result of many factors. IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), and AQ (adversity quotient, also known as grit) each play important roles in achieving your goals and having a fulfilling career. My special sauce is to help you improve skills in multiple areas. I do so by offering what I have learned from being both a CEO and a psychologist.

My approach is completely customized to your needs. I rely on my lifetime of experience to figure out how to best help you.

I do not provide a program or formula to follow. Such approaches can be of great value but there may also be a need for a more nuanced and tailored approach that fits you and your company.


Executive Coach and Investor


Doctor of Psychology, Clinical Director, Founder

Couples Recovery Center

Neurodiverse Couples Counseling Center

Former CEO


Former Senior Vice President

Time Warner

Former CPA


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