Couple of Penguins




These questionnaires can help us have a robust conversation to see if I am a good fit as your counselor. After you complete a questionnaire, I will review the results and then contact you to discuss how we might work together.

Although it is not always possible, I usually recommend that both partners in a couple be on the phone or video call to review the results. Extreme sensitivities may involved with such a discussion so I am happy to speak to one person at a time if that is your preference. Just let me know.


Both partners should complete the forms separately. Please tell me in advance which upcoming session that you would like to discuss the results and work together to develop a plan to address the important findings.


The questionnaires listed below are not formal assessments but rather provide a helpful way to gain insight into your relationship and assist us in building the best therapy plan possible.


Formal assessments may be required for insurance purposes, for more difficult diagnoses, or for legal proceedings (such as a divorce) and can be conducted as needed.