Dynamic Marriage Workshop

I offer a 6 hour Saturday workshop that covers communication, forgiveness and intimacy. You’ll learn how to: foster respect, affection, and closeness; build and share a deeper connection with each other; keep conflict discussions calm, and break through and resolve conflict gridlock.


The day is divided into 3 parts



Learn to communicate in a way to avoid and reduce conflict, increase appreciation, intimacy and respect.



Learn the process of forgiveness that will release past wounds that may have festered for years. This can set you on a path that will allow for you to finally let go of your resentment and guilt. 


3:00 to 5pm. INTIMACY SESSION:

Learn how to communicate what it is that makes you feel loved in an clear and direct way. Instead of hoping your partner can read your mind, you will learn a non-threatening way of sharing your needs in a way that will provide a roadmap for your partner.