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I hope you find everything you need on this site. Contact me anytime if you would like to discuss any of the following counseling opportunities:

COUPLES THERAPY helps couples who feel locked in repetitive and destructive emotional cycles to become more aware and accepting of themselves and each other.


AFFAIR RECOVERY is a process to heal the the betrayal and the broken trust of an affair and to create a foundation for a new open and honest relationship.


COUPLES THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION is a well-established modified form of couples therapy where I support couples by simultaneously working with the depression and the marriage issues.

COMMUNICATION COUNSELING is for couples who do not want in-depth couples therapy but desperately want to be able to talk to and be heard by each other.


COUPLES ANGER MANAGEMENT is needed when anger is so out-of-control that regular couples counseling can not be productive. Therapy is completely focused on a structured anger management plan for the couple.


COUPLES THERAPY FOR ONE works with an individual whose relationship is struggling but the partner won't go to couples counseling or one partner just wants to improve his or her own insight into the relationship.


THERAPY FOR COUPLES WITH ASPERGERS helps couples to apply very practical tools to compensate for the unique way each partner's brain works and to meet each other's needs. 

PARENTING COUNSELING provides practical tools and techniques that help parents join together to achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children.

CO-PARENTING COUNSELING is for parents who are divorced or no longer living together. The aim is to develop a cooperative relationship for the benefit of the children and an agreement on how they will both enjoy and support their children.

BLENDED FAMILY COUNSELING is for a parent and step-parent who seek to bring more peace and harmony into their household.

SEX THERAPY allows couples to explore and expand their sexuality within the framework of genuine desire, commitment and intimacy.


SEX ADDICTION THERAPY provides an integrated couples treatment approach for couples experiencing some form of sexual addiction/compulsivity (including Internet addiction). 

DISCERNMENT COUNSELING aims to help struggling couples who are unable to decide whether to improve the marriage or let it go.

PRE-MARITAL and PRE-ENGAGEMENT COUNSELING provides a structured format to explore the dreams, expectations, rules, and unspoken requirements for a satisfying marriage.

RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING is designed for people who do not have a romantic relationship such as a parent and a child, business partners, siblings and best friends.


DIVORCE RECOVERY COUNSELING helps you work through the pain of divorce so that you can feel free, whole, and in control of your life. 


COUPLES GRIEF COUNSELING allows you to work through the stages of loss and find your way to new new hope and meaning in your relationship.


COUPLES GROUP THERAPY is a place where couples can work through their relationship issues with the love and support of other couples who are also seeking to improve their marriage or partnership.