Coaching is a powerful way of growth and healing that helps you ask and answer the most important questions that most people struggle with at some point in life.



How do I make meaningful changes in my life? Is there a consistent way to make important decisions? What are my values and do I really believe in them? Does life have meaning? If so, what is it? Can I find a friend that I trust and can be honest with? Am I willing to die for my spouse? Do I love my spouse? How can I derive greater fulfillment from my work life, spiritual life and family?  How do I improve my physical health? I crave more fun or more joy but can't seem to achieve it. Where does true joy come from? I don't really know what I'm good at and I'm not even sure of my weaknesses. How do I get balance in my life? How can I have a positive impact in the world?


As your coach, it is my job to join with you as you examine your life questions and to help you uncover your truth. My approach to coaching is like a mountain bike ride to a summit. I help you thoughtfully set a path to the top and then join you as you fully embrace the journey to the top.  


Some of my most meaningful personal growth has been when I get away from my daily routine, connect with nature, become physically active, and have discussions with caring people who have life experience. I'd like to share that experience with others.

Here's how it works:

  • What: Mostly you talk and I listen and ask questions but we'll always end with concrete action items to help you make changes in your life.

  • Where: Our sessions will occur on a local mountain top (Demonstration Forest, Nicene Marks, St. Joseph's Open Preserve, Wilder, Henry Cowell...)

  • How we get there: It's completely your responsibility for getting to our meeting place but this probably will involve riding mountain bikes to a summit.

  • Responsibility: You are 100% responsible for your safety, bike (if you chose to ride one), other equipment, supplies, health, navigation, transportation to the trailhead, and everything else other than actually having our coaching discussion.

  • Cost: $1,000/month, payable in advance. You get up to 3 hours of in-person coaching per month plus limited email and phone support between coaching sessions. This package has a three-month minimum and will automatically renew monthly until cancelled. 

Mountain Top Life Coaching